Is it safe to travel within Canada in 2021?

As pandemic infection numbers continue to break records, travelling across an international border to bask on warm sandy beaches — as tempting as it might be — is an impossible decision to take. What you risk you — and not just from a monetary perspective — and whether or not you may put others at risk probably has you wondering whether or not it’s safe to travel at all in 2021.

According to a recent Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THIA) survey, 80% of respondents are planning to travel in 2021. Those plans, however, don’t include leaving our country’s borders. Apparently, 53% of potential travellers don’t plan to cross a border before a vaccine becomes available. A minority don’t plan to travel even after a vaccine is a available.

To decide what is best for you and your loved ones you’ll need to consider a few critical factors. Here’s a few considerations to help you decide.

Is it safe to travel within Canada?

Depending on the province you reside in, there are two potential outcomes upon your return to your home province if you decide to travel within Canada.

  • Mandatory isolation upon your return;
  • or only isolate if you were in contact with a known COVID-19 case.

Still, knowing that there is an option to travel and not, necessarily, have to isolate for two weeks upon your return certainly makes cross-country travel far more attractive than international travel.

Before you finalize any plans, make sure you take a quick look at provincial guidelines. These guidelines are established by local health authorities and are based on the situations faced by each health authority. What that means is that not all provinces or territories are open to the idea of out of province visitors.

Even provinces that have not officially closed their borders may not be too welcoming of tourists. According to the Vancouver Star negative reaction by locals is now being dubbed “pandemic rage.” At one point, the situation was so volatile, that BC Premier John Horgan actually suggested that out-of-province visitors use bikes, buses and public transportation in order to not draw attention to themselves, as out-of-towners.

The bottom line: Although you can continue to travel between provinces, it’s still advisable to avoid doing so unless it is essential.

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