Get Your Home Ready for Virtual Open House

From how we work to how we get food and socialize with friends and relatives, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic effect on our lives. For those in the real estate sector, one of the most important developments has been the advent of open house live streaming and virtual tours.
In the spring of 2020, as coronavirus spread throughout Canada, in-person open homes were limited in some provinces, prompting more real estate professionals to take this vital part of the online sales process.
Although open houses are now permitted throughout the world, the pandemic continues, emphasising the importance of physical distances. With that said, it’s no wonder that open houses live streams and virtual tours continue to play an important role for realtors and its clients. Here are some ideas on how to get your home ready for a live stream open house or a virtual tour.In order to align itself with these precautionary steps, we made a variety of adjustments to better represent the real estate environment. We are also supporting all big live streaming sites such as Facebook, Zoom, YouTube, and Instagram.

Set the stage

It goes without saying that your property should look its best in front of the camera debut.

Completely set up all homes and leave the residence empty for a few days during the auction. Lighting for an open house live stream is also important. Be selective about what time of day to host activities on the basis of the daylight available, and makes it a point to turn on all the lights at home to maximise visibility. Occasionally, it can also have additional ring light depending on the house.
Inviting audiences to your open house live stream ahead of time is also an important component from a marketing and engagement perspective. Brown and her team are hosting their open houses on Zoom and Facebook, enabling fans to register for the event in advance of the live stream. This way, they will get an idea of how many people are planning to enter and who they are, which is a valuable input to the seller.

Get comfortable with the technology

Whether it’s a spotty link or a pixelated image, glitches are a popular online video grip.

Any of these glitches can be avoided in front of a live stream open house by getting to know the technology. It’s crucial to have a secure internet connexion – make sure that your Wi-Fi is working well and that you have a back-up hotspot enabled if you’re using your phone to shoot. You can also find that certain parts of the property do not provide a secure link. For example, streaming video outside doesn’t work in certain cases.
Technical problems will still arise despite your best efforts, so Brown says to plan for them to happen and not worry too much when they do.

Although the vibe of the open house doesn’t have to be excessively staged and scripted, the discomfort of the camera might come as an unfavourable experience for the prospective buyer.

Highlight the best features

Live stream open houses are an opportunity to showcase the best aspects of the home that may not have made it into the original marketing materials of the property.
Apart from the property that looks polished, it is necessary to point out certain specific features of the home to prospective buyers during the open house live stream that can not be included elsewhere.
One of the benefits of holding an open house live stream is the immersive opportunities it provides to viewers. Potential buyers can send a message to the realtor during the live stream to ask about the specifics of the home or to request a view of certain areas, such as opening a cabinet for viewing inside or showing a room from a different angle.
When starting an open house, pick your favourite place in your home as an opener to a live stream, for example, under a skylight or another talk stage.
Realtors has a wide range of digital resources and knowledge at their disposal to provide your property with a streamlined and professionally designed marketing campaign that works in the age of physical distance.

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